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About Us

OEM Design Services was incorporated in 2003 with the goal of designing and manufacturing embedded control systems for manufacturers of machinery. In 2004 we started to provide full control panel design and machine service for our customers.

In 2006 we developed two new products, one is the STANDARD Extrusion control for 3/4” to 3 1/2” extruders which has revolutionary mechanical and electrical design features.


In May 2008 we doubled our panel shop size.

In May 2008 we shipped two complete extrusion line controls including the line control panel with Siemens PLC and Gefran GFX4 temperature controls. The 2 door drive panels house 6 drives with one extruder having a 75HP drive and the other a 125HP drive. We also provided full rebuilds of two DR30 dual reel take-ups with our new control package. Each line has vector controlled tension accumulators that provide smooth bumpless transfer on reel changeover and restart. We continue selling these and variations of these systems.


Our perfect Vaughn draw bench control system far exceeds the performance of any other DC motor extended speed range control not using motor tachometers.

In 2010 David Pepe and Ron Smicz joined our team to provide 75 years of experience in the manufacture and design of Wire  Cable Machinery. These Icons of the industry most recently worked at Davis-Standard in the Merritt-Davis division.  They started their careers at Davis Electric.

We are ready to provide integration services for Wire and Cable requirements.

2013 We expanded our PLC/HMI/Drive service offerings to accommodate on-line diagnostics with 24/7 support.

All of our control panels are now built in our expanded shop.

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